K-Lift Temporal
K-Lift Temporal
K-Lift temporal is a cosmetic procedure aimed at providing a more youthful and firm appearance to the facial area. ...
What is K-Lift Max Duo and Trio surgery?
K-Lift Max refers to a deep plane surgical lift, also known as the Küçüker lift. Unlike a simple thread lift, K-Lift Max is a permanent deep plane lift. K-Lift Max Duo, also known as temporal lift, is an upper face deep plane lift that includes eyebrow and eye corner lifts. Any stage of these surgeries can be omitted based on the patient's preference, such as preserving the shape of the eye corner. However, K-Lift Max Duo does not include a midface lift.

K-Lift Max Trio, on the other hand, incorporates a midface lift, meaning that it includes lifts of the eyebrow, eye corner, and midface. The advantage of a midface lift is that it elevates the droopy fat pads and eyelids in the deep plane, preventing additional widening of the face that may occur with excessive hyaluronic acid applications. Buccal fat pad removal can also be added during K-Lift Max Trio.
What is the downtime of K-Lift Max?
After the procedure, patients may feel fullness and pressure around the temporal area for 2-3 days. In terms of facial appearance, patients may appear overcorrected for the first few weeks post-surgery, resembling an alien or Mr. Spock. This overcorrection is normal as the surgery tends to settle during the healing period. Patients can typically resume social activities after 2 weeks, but may still appear overcorrected. After a month, the overcorrection will reduce to about 30%. Patients usually start to appreciate their new look around the 6-8 week mark, with the final results visible after 3-4 months. To summarize, patients can expect varying degrees of overcorrection during the healing period: 90% in the 1st week, 70% after 2 weeks, 50% after 3 weeks, 40% after a month, 25% after 6 weeks, 10% after 8 weeks, and full healing after 3-4 months.

In my opinion, the most powerful combination of facial surgeries for young and middle-aged individuals is nose surgery paired with K-Lift Max and fat grafting.
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